Posted by prof_erika on April 27 2018 02:32:32
1. 1-2 weeks after the Finals Week (for second semester enrollment) or 2-4 weeks before classes start (for first semester enrollment), e-mail us at and cc: regarding your desire to enroll for the next semester.

2. Our staff will make an assessment of your records and etc.

3. If you are NOT CLEARED for enrollment, you will receive an e-mail telling you what you still need to comply (e.g. remaining balance, lacking requirements, and etc.). You will be allowed to enroll ONLY after compliance.

4. If you are CLEARED for enrollment, we will respond to you stating the subjects you need to encode in your Automate account. Afterwards, follow the instructions as regards to payments.

5. After our acknowledgment of your deposit slip/check/receipt, wait for the start of classes and proceed as usual. If you did not receive any confirmation after 3-5 working days, you may make a follow up through a phone call.